Ski / Snowboard lesson for the group

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Rules for using Ski / Snowboard lessons and promotions:

1. If you have a discount code, it can be used only once, within the term indicated with the transmission of the discount code.
2. For transactions completed through, the amount paid can be returned only under the following conditions:
- Quarantine (lockdown) of the locality where the Ski / Snowboard lessons would take place
– Inexistenta zapezii pe intreg sezonul de ski 2022-2023.
3. The money is returned within a maximum of 30 days from the request for their return, sent first e-mail to
4. If some of the purchased Ski / Snowboard lessons have already been performed / consumed, the return will be made only for the lessons not performed / not consumed.
5. In case of purchasing Ski / Snowboard lessons by using a discount code, the lessons will be performed / consumed in blocks of at least 2 Ski / Snowboard lessons per day.
6. Lectiile de Ski/Snowboard achizitionate pot fi folosite pe intreg sezonul de ski 2022-2023.
7. The purchased Ski / Snowboard lessons cannot be used by another person (eg: gift) only if this is mentioned at the time of purchase.
9. Scheduling for Ski / Snowboard lessons is done at least 72 hours before their use by phone or email.

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